George showed the world what man can do with Love.
And the Lions showed us they are  'individuals' with a wide range of qualities,
capable of varied emotions, deep trust and lasting friendship.

Lions do NOT deserve to be treated like this....

Nick shown imprisoned in a tiny, dirty cage!
Lion_Nick_Needs_Rescue_2009CrSm.jpg (30871 bytes)
Nick the Lion  suffered in deplorable conditions

Lions like Nick need Your HELP....
Help Lions

Report abuse and cruel living conditions to Lions,  Support legislation to help Lions,
Support groups that DIRECTLY help Lions.  BE THEIR VOICE....Help Lions.

Someone must speak for the animals who are voiceless ....
Lion_StarvingInNairobiPark_200.jpg (31123 bytes)
Lion starving to death in Nairobi Park because humans
killed off all the prey animals.

BEFORE you support any group, check and read about
what they actually do to help ANIMALS!
Do NOT go by their 'name'.   Instead go by their 'projects'!
Does their project(s) 'DIRECTLY' benefit and help ANIMALS???

BigCat Rescue writes:
"The exotic pet trade causes more suffering for big cats
than all of the other atrocities combined

Every week we are called upon to rescue another exotic cat,
because the sanctuaries are full and there is not enough money
to take care of all of the rejects of the 'pet' and entertainment industry.

 Canned_Hunting_poster2_Shame_CrTU.jpg (38761 bytes)

 What is a 'Canned Hunt'?
STOP Canned Hunting - READ THIS (And See Video)
Please do NOT look the other way....
The animals need YOUR voice to speak for them....

TigerHaven_Logo_Sm.jpg (8806 bytes)
Big Cats Sanctuary

Located in  Kingston, Tennessee

(Featured on Animal Planet TV)
B.C.S. states on their website that,

"The cats who come here for sanctuary are given a permanent home.
They are NOT sold, transferred or given away. They are NOT used for breeders,
and they are NOT forced to work or do tricks for a living."
Online tour of the Sanctuary....Tour

RockyMountainWildlifeConCen_LOGO_Big.jpg (8735 bytes)
Rocky Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary
(Featured on Animal Planet TV)
R. M. W. S. states on their website that,

"Animals are not bought, sold, traded, or mistreated in any way.   They are
given every opportunity to behave naturally in a wonderfully loving environment."
Keenesburg, Colorado (Outside of Denver)

Visit the Sanctuary

Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
30 acre sanctuary in Galt, California

Vital Ground (Bart the Bear)....Vital_Ground

DVD, Videos, Books, Audio

TV Series:  "Big Cat Week"/ Big Cat Diary....
Hosts:  Jonathan Scott,  Simon King  and
Saba Douglas-Hamilton(Daughter of Iain-Douglas)

BigCatDiary_DVD_Series1And2.gif (17142 bytes)
Big Cat Diary TV Show, Series 1 & 2
Amazon UK
NOTE: Although these DVD are Region2,  most(not all) DVD players will play this format.

BigCatDiary_DVD_Series3_Medium.gif (15690 bytes)
Big Cat Week 2007 - Series 3
Amazon UK
NOTE: Although these DVD are Region2,  most(not all) DVD players  will play this format.

BigCatWeek_Series4_220_Nice.jpg (13211 bytes)
Big Cat Week
2008 - Series 4

Billy Arjan Singh....a dedicated conservationist.
Billy Arjan Singh BOOKS

ArjanSingh_BookCover_HonoraryTiger_M220.jpg (16373 bytes)

Kids .... Do You Love Wild Animals?!
BFF_RoaryCarringSign.gif (5108 bytes)
Roary the Lion says, "Love & Protect Animals."

What is Speciesism?....
is a prejudice or attitude of bias in favor of the interests of
members of one's own species and against those of members of other species.

Virginia_Bill_3LionCubs_BW.jpg (32670 bytes)
Virginia McKenna....Info
Bill Travers....Tribute

Joan_Root_Photo_BW_Sm.jpg (9312 bytes)
A Tribute to Joan Root

Joan Root....Article

Movie with Julia Roberts....Movie

Museum in Shaba Reserve....
Dedicated to Joy Adamson....
Shaba Kenya
TRAVEL where the ADAMSON's Lived !

LOGO_FatherOfLions_GeorgeAdamson.gif (14875 bytes)

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