George Adamson's
"Kampi Ya Simba"

(Camp of the Lions)
Kora Reserve, Kenya, East Africa

Photos not viewed publicly until 2004.
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These photos were taken at the dirt airstrip in Kora Reserve and
at George Adamson's camp called "Kampi ya Simba" (Camp of the Lions.)
Kora Reserve, Kenya, East Africa

KoraReserve_PlanesAtLandingStrip.jpg (74356 bytes)
Planes at the dirt airstrip at Kora Reserve

KoraReserve_MOAtLandingStrip_Duplicate.jpg (98072 bytes)
Waiting to be picked up by George at airstrip at Kora Reserve.
Plane flys over the camp to let them know they have visitors.

KampiYaSimba_RoadFromCampToAirstrip.jpg (57853 bytes)
Road from Kampi ya Simba to the dirt airstrip.
Sadly the same road on which George Adamson was later murdered
by Somalian criminals when he went to the rescue of a young tourist.

KampiYaSimba_EntranceToCamp.jpg (75164 bytes)
Entry gate from road into Kampi ya Simba.

KampiYaSimba_ViewFromEntryGate.jpg (79437 bytes)
View of Kampi ya Simba from the entry gate.

KampiYaSimba_GateToRoad.jpg (63945 bytes)
Gate leading from Kampi ya Simba to the road outside.

KampiYaSimba_BirdsAndMovieScreen.jpg (79868 bytes)
Birds waiting to be fed.  George's primitive movie screen on fence!


KampiYaSimba_SquirrelAndViewOfCookHut.jpg (109276 bytes)
Dining hut on the left and cook hut straight ahead.   Friendly little squirrel in foreground.


KampiYaSimba_ViewFromDiningHut_1.jpg (69809 bytes)
View from the dining hut looking out.  Little squirrel is right behind post eating a nut.

MOFeedingSquirrelWithLogBookInLap_Duplicate.jpg (53672 bytes)
Feeding Squirrel.


KampiYaSimba_ViewOfKoraHill.jpg (81498 bytes)
Kora Rock as seen from George's Kampi ya Simba.

KampiYaSimba_ViewFromDiningHut_2.jpg (74011 bytes)
View from the dining hut looking out.

KampiYaSimba_FriendlySquirrel.jpg (48236 bytes)
Little squirrel mascot at Kampi ya Simba

KampiYaSimba_PhotosOnDiningHutCeiling_1.jpg (88392 bytes)
Photos on the dining hut ceiling.

KampiYaSimba_DiningHut_FridgeView.jpg (78889 bytes)
Dining tent at Kampi ya Simba


KampiYaSimba_PeopleInDiningTent.jpg (98055 bytes)
In the Kampi ya Simba dining hut.
George's brother Terrace is on the right reading a newspaper.
George had many friends and tourists that visited at Kampi ya Simba.
He was always a gentleman and considerate to all.

GeorgeAdamson_LeaningOnTreeAtAirstrip2_Disk2Sm.jpg (104442 bytes)
George at the dirt airstrip at Kora Reserve
which his brother Terrance helped create.
(Wing of plane showing in corner of photo.)

GeorgeAdamson_LeaningOnTreeAtAirstrip1_Cropped_Disk2.jpg (112752 bytes)

GeorgeAdamson_LeaningOnTreeAtAirstrip1_Disk2Sm.jpg (106604 bytes)
Goodbye George.... George at dirt airstrip in Kora Reserve.

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