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BORN FREE: About Elsa - Details -p.2
Author: Joy Adamson

LIVING FREE;  About Elsa and her cubs - Details -p.2
Author: Joy Adamson

FOREVER FREE: About Elsa and her cubs - Details -p.2
Author: Joy Adamson

THE SPOTTED SPHINX: About Pippa the Cheetah - Details -p.2
Author: Joy Adamson

PIPPA'S CHALLENGE:  About Pippa the Cheetah and her cubs - Details - p.2
Author: Joy Adamson

THE SEARCHING SPIRIT: Joy's autobiography - Details - p.2
Author: Joy Adamson

QUEEN OF SHABA: Story of Penny the Leopard - Details - p.2
Author: Joy Adamson

FRIENDS FROM THE FOREST: Story about the Colobus Monkeys and Verreaux's Eagle Owls at Elsamere - Details - p.2
Author: Joy Adamson

JOY ADAMSON'S AFRICA: Writings and sketches Details -p.2
Author: Joy Adamson

31 pages of colour plates illustrated by JOY ADAMSON -
Details -p.2

ELSA: Children's book with many pictures
Details -p.2
Author: Joy Adamson

PIPPA THE CHEETAH AND HER CUBS: Children's book with many pictures
Author: Joy Adamson
Details -p.2

BWANA GAME (English title) - Details- p.1
A LIFETIME WITH LIONS (U.S. title) - George's autobiography
Author: George Adamson

MY PRIDE AND JOY: George's 2nd autobiography - Details- p.1
Author: George Adamson

Personal Note: George Adamson personally told us he originally intended to call his second biography "Baba ya Simba" (Father of Lions) but later decided on the title of MY PRIDE AND JOY.

BOOKS in part about George and Joy Adamson

ON PLAYING WITH LIONS: Written by George's dear friends about the movie BORN FREE
Author: Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers
Details- p.1

SOME OF MY FRIENDS HAVE TAILS: Written by George's dear friend and is in much part about George and BORN FREE movie.
Author: Virginia McKenna 
Details- p.1

LIFE WITH DAKTARI: About two vets in East Africa and in part about George and Joy and their animals.   1969
Author: Susanne Hart (aka Sue Harthoorn)

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LISTEN TO THE WILD: About two vets in East Africa and in part about George and Joy and their animals.   1972
Author: Susanne Hart (aka Sue Harthoorn)

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ANY OLD LION - Written by the director of the movie Born Free with fascinating facts about the making of the movie and those persons associated with this award winning movie.  Many of the photographs in the book were taken by the photographer with the film unit.
Author John Mark Jay (Director of Born Free) -
Details- p.1

A CAST OF LIONS - Another story about the making of the film Born Free. Not quite as interesting as Any Old Lion.
Author:  Carl Foreman
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WHERE THE LION WALKED - The story of a journey into the vanishing wilderness of the lion in contemporary Africa.  Gareth tell about meeting George Adamson.  c1991  - ASIN: 0670834777
Author: Gareth Patterson - Details - GP

THE LIONS' LEGACY - Working with George Adamson and the lions of Africa Working with George Adamson and the lions of Africa.
Author:  Gareth Patterson - Details - GP

An inspirational story of three young Lions restored to the wild, and the man who risked his life to protect them. 
ASIN: 0312131097
Author:  Gareth Patterson - Details - GP

WITH MY SOUL AMONGST LIONS - A moving struggle to protect the last of the George Adamson's lions.  c1996 - St Martins Pr (Trade); ISBN: 0312147686
Author:  Gareth Patterson - Details - GP

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AUDIO - (abridged) of the books Born Free, Living Free and Forever Free.    ISBN: 0333900871

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MOVIES about George and Joy Adamson

BORN FREE: About Elsa - Starring Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna who became great friends with George Adamson during the filming of this excellent movie. Details- p.1
*Read an actual excerpt from a letter Joy Adamson wrote to a close acquaintance where she mentions the huge success and popularity of the award winning movie 'Born Free'.  Except from letter.

LIVING FREE;  About Elsa and her cubs
Interesting but a disappointing sequel to Born Free. It lacks the realism of Born Free and there is no real affection for the animals by the actors of this film.

AN ELEPHANT CALLED SLOWLY: In part about George Adamson - Entertaining travelogue of what Kenya, East Africa was like for the tourists in the seventies. Featuring some enchanting elephants including Eleanor(raised by conservationist/ author Daphne Sheldrick) and Pole Pole(Major inspiration for the founding of Zoo Check now known as The Born Free Foundation.). Details- p.1

CHRISTIAN THE LION: Movie/documentary about bringing Christian the Lion to live free with George in Kenya Details- p.1

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DOCUMENTARY FILMS about George and Joy Adamson
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'Video Clips' of George Adamson & his Lions.....
Video Clips - George and His Lions

- The Born Free Story (USA title -PBS)
Elsa: The Lioness that Changed the World  (UK title - BBC)
Elsa the Lioness truly did leave a legacy and this lovely and touching documentary shares with us the story of the Adamsons' life with Elsa. Their diaries, home movies and detailed records reveal an intimate look into their pioneering work and unique relationship with lions and leaves us with a new appreciation for the world of animals we never knew until Elsa and Born Free opened our eyes!
Year: 2011   Time: 60 minutes
DVD and BLURAY available -
Details Here

- 25 minutes
Benchmark Films, Inc.
145 Scarborough Road

Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. 10510
Distributed by Benchmark Films
Copyright MCMLXXI by Elsa Wild Animal Appeal and Benchmark Films, Inc.

You may can check out this film from a library in your state.

  About the Adamsons
Producer-Benchmark Films, Inc.

JOY ADAMSON'S AFRICA - (1977) - 86 minutes

Program featuring interviews with Joy Adamson about her life and work in Austria and in Africa, and her famous "Pet" lioness Elsa.
Director:  Dick THOMSETT
Production Company: BBC

Very good documentary about George Adamson and his lion friends Naja and Koretta and her cubs. The narration is nicely done by John Huston,  the photography is very good and the music suits the subject of the film.  Overall a good film of much interest.
Harry Minetree/PBS Assistant Editor with additional editing documentary about the rehabilitation of lions in Africa by legendary conservationist George Adamson. 
Presented by Matuta Mingi
Shown on PBS on February 3, 1982.

THE LIONS OF KORA - This film is probably the same film as Most Endangered Species since it is produced by Harry Minetree and narrated by John Huston. Lions of Kora was dated 1985(?) and the transmission was by BBF Television.

A disappointing documentary. The subject matter is interesting, the photography is very good, but the music does not fit the film and is an irritating distraction. The narration is done by a dull, monotone voice.  Although it is likely the filmmakers were sincere and meant well, the film seems to lack a real understanding of George and his work.

LORD OF THE LIONS....  Adamson of Africa
EXCELLENT documentary film about George Adamson. - 52 minutes
This television program titled 'Lord of the Lions' was filmed only months before the poachers murdered the beloved conservationist George Adamson.
In this fascinating film George Adamson discusses his past, motivation and life among the lions during an interview with Sandy Gall in the summer of 1989 in the Kora National Reserve in Kenya, East Africa. Also included in this film is some remarkable film footage of Elsa the Lioness.

Lord of the Lions is a professionally done film with good photography, good narration, music suited to the subject matter and overall a VERY well done film of great interest.
Details AND Cover PHOTO - p.1
Yorkshire Television Ltd.
A Castle Communications PLC Release - PAL Format

Film Producers: Sandy Gall and Dirk Fray
This Yorkshire Television Ltd. film is on VHS video, PAL format(Europe).

note: As of 2008 this excellent documentary is available on DVD as part of a set titled 'Lions Deluxe Set'.

THE LIONS ARE FREE - OUTSTANDING film brimming with affection and understanding for Lions and for George Adamson. This fascinating film tells about what happened to the Lions that were in the movie Born Free. This is an amazing and touching film not to be missed.  Bill Travers(Starred of the movie Born Free) travels to a then remote area in East African to visit George Adamson and several of the Lions he befriended.  More Details and/or - To Order
Actor/conservationist Bill Travers had complete understanding and appreciation of George's accomplishments and this insight has made this an exceptional film.

BORN TO BE FREE - After George Adamson was murdered Gareth Patterson rescued the three lion cubs for which George was caring. This is their story of the subsequent rehabilitation, the tragedies and the triumphs. Details
The Born to Be Free documentary was shown on 30 plus channels worldwide including:
Sky TV - NBC - BBC - ITN - Discovery - 60 Minutes (Australia) - SABC.

PIPPA - 60 minute film produced by London International - They used the films of Pippa the cheetah made by Joy Adamson. Shown on UK TV in 1971 on Boxing day.

This movie is ALSO listed in this documentary section because is mostly a documentary and is extremely touching and entertaining.
CHRISTIAN THE LION: Movie/documentary about bringing Christian the Lion to live free with George in Kenya. 
Read MORE about Christian and George....ChristianTheLion

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MULTI PAGE MAGAZINE ARTICLES about George and Joy Adamson

Reader's Digest - JE, 1960

Saturday Evening Post - March 12, 1960
The Lady and the Lion - Lovely article about Elsa the Lion "Born Free", Lots of Photos.

The Illustrated London News - 19th November 1960
Volume 237 - Number 6329

Reader's Digest: November, 1961 - has condensed version of LIVING FREE

The Sunday Tribune - Entertainment Week - June 12, 1966
Virginia McKenna and little Lion cubs are featured on the front cover and the lead line is  "Elsa roars again in Born Free".

McCall's - JA, 1967 - What Animals can tell us about ourselves

Science Digest - JE, 1971 - Freeing the Big Cats

Good Housekeeping - February, 1972 - Lady who Listens to Lions

TV Diary (Newspaper Magazine-Winnipeg Free Press) - June 15, 1974
Joy Adamson and Cheetah on Cover

People weekly - October 4, 1976

Saturday Evening Post - Jl 1977 - Elsa the Lioness

Newsweek - Ja 14, 1980 - Don't Blame Lions

Newsweek - Ja 14, 1980 Lady & Lion

Time - Ja 14, 1980 - Woman who Loved Lions

People - JA 21, 1980 - Born Free author Joy Adamson meets an ironic end

The Australian Woman's Weekly - June 11, 1980

Women's Own - September 20, 1980
George Adamson article

People weekly - November 22, 1982

Smithsonian - July, 1983

People weekly - September11, 1989 - Murder of Innocence In Africa: It cost his life, but George Adamson of Born Free never gave in to Kenya's poachers.

This is NOT a complete list.
SOME of these articles may be available at your local library

MORE Books and Videos and Artwork

Letters written by Joy Adamson....Letters

Letters written by George Adamson....Letters

News Article about George....Article

News Article about the tragedy....Article

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Read about George Adamson
..... a truly unique 'Gentleman'
Read About The 'Father of Lions'

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Information & Photos of George Adamson
with his Lion and human friends.

Read About The 'Father of Lions'
George Adamson photos - Page 1
George Adamson photos - Page 2
'Kampi ya Simba' ('Camp of Lions') - Page 3
Miscellaneous George Adamson photos - Page 4
Visitors at 'Kampi ya Simba' photos
'Kampi ya Simba' Latrine/Shower photos

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How much do you know about Elsa and George and Joy Adamson?
Boy and Girl - QUIZ
Christian the Lion - QUIZ

NOTE ABOUT SOME MOVIES, these are wonderful and should NOT be missed - - George Adamson and his good friend Bill Travers, who protrayed George in the award winning movie classic 'Born Free',  can both be seen  featured in the films ,  THE LIONS ARE FREE  and  CHRISTIAN THE LION.  Don't miss these wonderful movies! For wonderful films, honestly told, which will entertain you and touch your heart, click here.


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