George Adamson Photos
Photos not viewed publicly until late 2004.
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GeorgeAdamson_InAirFranceCap_Disk.jpg (70061 bytes)
George Adamson on the banks of the Tana River in the Kora Reserve.
George's hat was given to him by a pilot with Air France.


GeorgeAdamson_FeedingGuineaFowl1.jpg (72845 bytes)
George feeding the birds at Kampi ya Simba.


GeorgeAdamson_FeedingSquirrel.jpg (69191 bytes)
George feeding a friendly little squirrel.

GeorgeAdamson_FeedingGuineaFowl2.jpg (68471 bytes)
George feeding some feathered friends.

GeorgeAdamson_LeaningOverFeedingSquirrelFromHandOnGround_Cr.jpg (76247 bytes)  
George feeding his squirrel friend.

GeorgeAdamson_LeaningOverFeedingGuineaFowlAndSquirrelOnGround_Cr.jpg (86256 bytes)   GeorgeAdamson_InFrontOfDiningHutRaisingArmToFeedBirds.jpg (101209 bytes)

GeorgeAdamson_OnPorchOfDiningHutFeedingGuineaFowl_Disk.jpg (63364 bytes)

George__PosingUnderHornbilInTree_Temp.jpg (57836 bytes)
George Adamson

GeorgeAdamson_head_Sm.jpg (17364 bytes)

George_atGateFeedingBirds_1_Sm.jpg (30031 bytes)  George_atGateFeedingBirds_2_Sm.jpg (29383 bytes)

George_atBackGate_Sm.jpg (28066 bytes)

GeorgeAdamson_GettingIntoLandRoverAtCamp_Disk2Sm.jpg (89516 bytes)
George getting in his Land Rover
at Kampi ya Simba to go look for Lions

GeorgeAdamson_LandRoverLeavingKampiYaSimba_Disk2Sm.jpg (97354 bytes)

GeorgeAdamson_DrivingLandRover_Disk2Sm.jpg (45952 bytes)
George driving, looking for his Lions friends.

GeorgeAdamson_WalkingAheadOfLandRoverLookingForLions.jpg (69489 bytes)
George walking in front of the Land Rover looking for spoor of his Lion friends.
Despite his age he was energetic and always checking on his Lions.

GeorgeAdamson_AtTanaUsingBinocularsWithDave_1.jpg (93121 bytes)
George on the banks of the Tana River looking for signs of the Lions.

GeorgeAdamson_AtTanaUsingBinocularsWithDave_2bCr.jpg (69498 bytes)

GeorgeAdamson_WalkingAwayFromTanaRiverWithDaveInBackground_Disk.jpg (97531 bytes)

GeorgeAdamson_AndDaveLookingUpBigTree.jpg (121489 bytes)

GeorgeAdamson_AndMOAtTanaRiver1_Disk2Sm.jpg (115670 bytes)

MOAndGeorgeAdamson_LookingForLionsOnBanksOfTanaRiver.jpg (117168 bytes)
George looking for his Lions along the Tana River in Kora Reserve.

TanaRiver_KoraReserve_WideView_Disk2Sm.jpg (98779 bytes)

TanaRiver_KoraReserve.jpg (91156 bytes)
Tana River in the Kora Reserve, Kenya, East Africa

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Photos of George Adamson
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