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George Adamson of  'Born Free' fame with Christian the Lion.
NOTE: Christian was living in the wild but as with George's other Lion friends,
retained his trust and friendship with his respected human friend, George.
George's wife Joy Adamson wrote (using George's notes) the best selling book Born Free.
Later the book was made into the movie Born Free. The movie Born Free won 2 Academy
Awards and was nominated for a third.   It  also was nominated for 3 Golden Globe Awards.
No man who has ever lived has known more about Lions on a personal level than George Adamson.
He lived in a remote area of Kenya, East Africa called the Kora Reserve(Now a National Park).

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Christian the Lion with his friend George

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GeorgeAdamson_GirlWithCubs_COLOR_Vertical_Book_480.jpg (72718 bytes)
George Adamson with Girl and her cubs.
Girl was living wild but still trusted her dear friend
George with her cubs!

GeorgeAdamson_Ugas_OnLandRover_COLOR_280.jpg (39843 bytes)
George Adamson watching as Ugas (always VERY sweet and affectionate)
attempts to help him fix the Land Rover!

GeorgeAdamson_LionRelaxAfterMealMeru_BK.jpg (106019 bytes)
George Adamson and a Lion friend relax after lunch in Meru.
Even with a fresh kill George is always welcomed by his Lions friends!
This relationship of respect and trust with lions would be proclaimed by most humans to be
an impossibility. Yet George's relationship with the lions proves that it is no more than a sober
fact.  The vast majority of wildlife documentaries show lions only as ferocious eating machines
but that is only  the human's limited knowledge of the lion. For those of us that know of George
Adamson's wonderful relationship, we know lions are individuals and many are quite capable of
an affectionate,  respectful relationship of friendship with their human and lion friends.

GeorgeAdamson_2Lions_Walking_600_Cr.jpg (134550 bytes)
George's early walks with the lions introduced them
to all the sights, sounds and smells of their new world.

George_WithLions_WalkingOnPath.jpg (23683 bytes)
George walking with Boy and Christian

GeorgeAdamson_VirginiaMcKennaAndUgas_Meru1968_ElephantCalledSlowly_2_VM_SM.jpg (90322 bytes)
Virginia McKenna and George Adamson with Ugas
Virginia and her husband Bill Travers played the parts of Joy and George Adamson in the award
winning movie Born Free.  During the filming of the movie Virginia and Bill became very close friends with George.
This photo was taken during the filming of the delightful movie "An Elephant Called Slowly" which
is available on both DVD and on Video. This photo was provided in 2005 by Virginia McKenna
who along with her husband Bill founded Zoo Check.

Ugas_HelpingGeorgeAndBillWithLandRover_LAF_01_Cr.jpg (35971 bytes)
Ugas helping George and Bill Travers work on the Land Rover!

Boy_OnLandRover_WithBillAndGeorge_LAF_004_Cr.jpg (34692 bytes)
Boy enjoying a ride back to camp on the reinforced roof of George's Land Rover.

Boy_OnLandRover_GeorgeHoldingPaw_LAF_005_Cr.jpg (50936 bytes)
George lifting Boy's paw so he can close the door of his Land Rover without hurting Boy.
Bill Travers (on the other side of the Land Rover), had to lift Boy's tail to close his door!

George_Adamson_AtDiningTable_LAF_016_Cr.jpg (42214 bytes)
George in his dining hut.

George_Adamson_FaceCloseUp_LAF_022_CrSm.jpg (10025 bytes)
George Adamson

George_Adamson_BillTravaers_HuntingForFood_LAF_020_Cr.jpg (27332 bytes)
George Adamson and Bill Travers

George_Adamson_WalkingWithLion_LAF_025_Cr.jpg (41360 bytes)
George walking with Boy the Lion

George_Adamson_AtStream_CloseUp_LAF_034_Cr.jpg (35863 bytes)
George at stream wacthing his Lions

George_Adamson_BillTravers_AtStream_LAF_032_CrSh.jpg (73468 bytes)
George Adamson with his good friend Bill Travers.
The two good friends are enjoying an afternoon with the Lions.

George_Adamson_SmokingHisPIpe_LAF_038_CrSm.jpg (26257 bytes)
George smoking his pipe and relaxing with his Lion friends.

Boy_WithGeoge_Adamson_EnjoyingThemselves_LAF_035_Cr.jpg (46117 bytes)
Boy relaxing with his friend George Adamson.
Even at a kill George was entirely welcome!

GeorgeAdamson_Boy_RestingUndTree_LAF_040_Cr.jpg (43082 bytes)
George Adamson and Boy the Lion taking a nap in the shade of a tree.
NO other human has ever established the loyalty, friendship and trust of lions
that are living wild and still retained this absolutely remarkable, intimate relationship.
Sadly we shall never see this kind of person again.  George Adamson was a one-of-a-kind.
A man not only at peace with free living lions, but also their friend.

George showed the world what man could do with Love
even when dealing with what some would call, ferocious wild animals.
And the lions showed us they are not just eating machines as portrayed
in most tv nature programs, but individuals with a wide range of qualities,
capable of varied emotions, deep trust and lasting friendship.

Chrstian_BoyInjured_GeorgerAdamson.jpg (97120 bytes)
George with Christian(top Left) and Boy
Boy had been severely bitten on the back but despite his great pain
he still allowed his wonderful friend George to treat his wounds. 
Christian seemed to understand and laid quietly nearby as if to give moral support.
See their true story in the movie/documentary titled "Christian the Lion".

GeorgeAdamson_WithBoy_Nice_BW_1.jpg (19364 bytes)
George with the handsome Lion named Boy.
George is buried near to his beloved Lion friend Boy.
See photos on this website.

GeorgeAdamson_AndElsaSittingOnRock_BW_BF_Sm.jpg (62573 bytes)
George Adamson with his first Lioness friend, Elsa.
Elsa died with her head in George's lap.
He wrote in his biography of the great pain and sadness which he felt at her loss.
Many visitors to Meru National Park (In Kenya East Africa) still go to visit Elsa's grave.
See photos of Elsa's final resting place on this website.

GeorgeAdamsonWithElsaHuggingHim_OnBoulder_Kenya_Cr.jpg (30189 bytes)
George getting an affectionate BIG hug from Elsa.
He said Elsa was like a child to him.

GeorgeAdamson_ArushaLionessOnRocks2_480Cr.jpg (42392 bytes)
George Adamson with Arusha from Rotterdam.

StayingFree_Card_Cr.jpg (99565 bytes)
George Adamson with his beloved lions.
These Lions were living free and yet still remained George's friends.
George maintained an almost unbelievable relationship with Lions,
based on mutual respect and friendship.

Photo taken by his good friend actor/conservationist, Bill Travers.

The Christian Science Monitor wrote,
NO one better knew the language and lives of lions  -  or loved them more - than George Adamson.
....Few scientists took him seriously. But friends say many scientists would have been humbled by sitting at the table of a man who sensed nature as a living whole, rather than only a subject to study.

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GeorgeAdamson_InCampWithSweater_VM_Sm.jpg (73469 bytes)
George Alexander Graham Adamson
Some of the photos on this page were provided by Virginia McKenna.
She and her husband Bill Travers, stars of the movie Born Free,
founded the Zoo Check/BornFreeFoundation.

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A commemorative statue was made in Honor of George Adamson.
See the 'Collectibles' page on this web site for this and other memorabilia.

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