Shaba Reserve - Joy's Camp(Lodge)
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In Shaba National Reserve the former area of Joy Adamson's leopard camp is a luxury tourist lodge called JOY'S CAMP.  At this beautiful camp/lodge there is a fascinating museum/tribute area dedicated to Joy's memory.

Tribute area dedicated to Joy Adamson:

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Joy's Kenyan Driver's License

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QUEEN OF SHABA; By Joy Adamson
Story of Penny the Leopard. Queen of Shaba records Joy's life with Penny, a female leopard whom she raised at her home at Lake Naivasha, with the intent to release her to the wilds of Shaba (in Kenya, East Africa) when Penny reached maturity. Splendid photographs, document the beauty and gracefulness of the leopard and admirably complement the text.
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Elsa the Lioness Final Resting Place in MERU

THANKS to Charlotte with Cheli&Peacock travel and also SPECIAL THANKS to Jamie  the manager
of Joy's Camp(Lodge) for the very lovely and interesting photos taken at "Joy's Camp".

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Joy's Camp - Luxury Camp in Shaba, Kenya

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Dining area and Viewing Deck at Joy's Camp


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