George Adamson's  "Kampi ya Simba"
Photos of the "Kampi ya Simba" Latrine and Shower area....

Entrance to Latrine/Toilet Compound....

Kora_Tolit_compound_Exterior_680.jpg (202875 bytes)

George's very innovative toilet seat!

Kora_Elepjaw_toilet_Distant_608.jpg (215814 bytes) (151018 bytes)

This is made from the jaw bone of a deceased elephant.

Entrance to Shower Compound....

Kora_Shower_CompoundEntrance_620.jpg (190719 bytes)

Need a shower?
Please don't waste this precious water!

Kora_Shower_WaterHolder_620.jpg (58181 bytes)

Much thanks to Brian for these fascinating photos!!!!!

LOGO_FatherOfLions_GeorgeAdamson_Sm.gif (11938 bytes)

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