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Honoring Born Free, Elsa & the Adamsons

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Figurine_George_Adamson_Big_Cr_620.jpg (31712 bytes)
A commemorative statue was made in Honor of George Adamson.
George Adamson is modeled holding Batian, one of the three Lion cubs he rescued.
Furaha and Rafiki sit at his feet.
Authenticity certificates are signed by Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna,
who played George and Joy Adamson in the film ‘Born Free.
It is titled,  "George Adamson and the Last Lions of Kora"
22cm/8.5 inches  
This piece was issued as a Worldwide Limited Edition of 5,000.
Sculpted by Paul Szeiler for Endurance Limited of Cheshire, England

NOTE: You can read about what happened to the cubs after
George was murdered (when he went to the rescue of a young tourist
and an assistant ) in the book titled The Lions' Legacy.
(See the Book/DVD section of this website for details.)

Coin - 2010 Joy Adamson/ Elsa Lioness


Commemorative COIN - The esteemed Pobjoy Mint honors the 100th anniversary of conservationist Joy Adamson�s birth and the 50th anniversary of her popular book "Born Free," with this unusual coin combining sterling silver and crystal.  Joy Adamson dedicated most of her life to helping African animals. This is also a dedication to the loyal, loving and intelligent lioness Elsa. Elsa's heart-warming story, told in Joy's international best-selling book, also became an award-winning movie. The coin's center features a tawny yellow genuine crystal with an engraving of a lioness visible on both sides. The silver outer ring includes a montage of other lion images. A mintage of only 5,000 this Proof $10 coin is a lovely collector's item.
Released in 2010 - 38.6mm, 23.45g,  Sterling silver proof encapsulated in display box. 

Postage Stamp....
Honoring Elsa and "Born Free'

STAMP_BornFree_Lioness_280.jpg (36790 bytes)


PATCH_BornFree_ElsaWildAnimal_400.jpg (68385 bytes)
Rare 'Born Free' EWAA Embroidered Patch
The patch was sold by the Elsa Wild Animal Appeal(No longer in business)
in North Hollywood, California in the 70s and 80s..

Watches_BornFree_ElsaWildAnimalAppeal.jpg (31646 bytes)
Very Rare 'Born Free' EWAA Gentlemen & Ladies Watches
The watches were sold by the Elsa Wild Animal Appeal(No longer in business)
in North Hollywood, California.
Watches_BornFree_ElsaWildAnimalAppeal_Dial_BigSh.jpg (30124 bytes)
Gentlemen and ladies Watch with photo of Elsa on dial.

Bracelet_BornFree_Elsa_3Cubs_Cr.jpg (40721 bytes)
Born Free Bracelet with 4 Lion charms representing
Elsa and her cubs Jespah, Gopa & Little Elsa.

Elsa Lioness Enamel Trinket Box....



MousePad_Elsa_The_Lioness_BFF.jpg (41667 bytes)
Elsa the Lioness Mouse Pad
This beautiful and rare Mouse Pad featuring Elsa the Lioness resting on a
rocky outcropping was sold around 2002-2003.

MousePad_BornFree_VirginiaBillLioness.jpg (41155 bytes)
Mouse Pad from movie Born Free..
This attractive Mouse Pad featuring Girl the Lioness, Virginia McKenna and
her husband Bill Travers was sold around 2003-2004.

8mm - 200 ft. - Film
This film was shown on BBC TV.


Rare 'Born Free' EWAA Button Pin.
This itemwas sold by the Elsa Wild Animal Appeal(No longer in business)
in North Hollywood, California in the 70s and 80s..

Stuffed Toys

Elsa the Lioness Tribute

Born Free Stationary....

Elsa Lioness and Joy Adamson 8mm Film....


Elsa resting on camp bed.   Drawings by Joy Adamson.

Collectable Cards .... Cards

George Adamson with Lions
Released : 1989    Price : �500??
Size : 54cm x 34cm (21.3" x 13.4")
Lord of the Lions George Adamson with Boy and Christian
Black and White -
(May no longer be available.)

Gareth Patterson and Lion Friends Posters

LOGO_FatherOfLions_GeorgeAdamson_Sm.gif (11938 bytes)

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