Elsamere in 2012

Former home of Joy Adamson located on the banks of Lake Naivasha.
Joy affectionately named it Elsamere, after the beloved Lioness Elsa.
It is now called the Elsamere Conservation Centre.

Elsamere Entry Sign



Erika enjoying the beautiful grounds.

Elsamere canoes at Lake Naisvasha

Colubus Monkeys at Elsamere Estates.

Above is cage used to transport Elsa the Lioness to Mombasa
when the Adamson's were going there and taking Elsa to the beach!

Keys to your room at Elsamere.


Elsa the Lioness Tribute

Elsamere....Grounds and Outside Views
Tribute Room and House Interior
Elsamere .... 2010

FriendsFromTheForest_BookCover_Medium.jpg (14536 bytes)
Book by Joy Adamson about the wildlife at Elsamere.

George Adamson....Read about George
GeorgeAdamson_AndElsaSittingOnRock_BW_BF_Sm.jpg (62573 bytes)
George Adamson with his beloved lioness Elsa.
Elsa died with her head in George's lap.